Moosa Bin Shamsher Wiki, Biography, Age,Height, Net Worth, Career, & More Facts

Moosa Bin Shamsher : is mostly known as a Bangladeshi Businessman. He is also CEO and Chairman of DATCO Group. The main purpose of the group is to export labor from Bangladesh to other countries. Moosa Bin Shamsher Net Worth is $12 Billion US Dollars. His other identity is an international arms dealer. Moosa earns most of his worth from this business of his early worth.

Full Name Moosa Bin Shamsher
Occupation Businessman
Age 75 years old
Height 5 ft 6 inc
Born October 15, 1945
Birthday October 15
Birthplace Faridpur Sadar Upazila
Nationality Bangladeshi
Net Worth  $12 Million USD
Weight 73 kg
Education Pacific Western University (Hawaii), California Miramar University
Hair Color Black
Instagram: N/A
Twitter: N/A

Early Life

Moosa Bin Shamsher was born on October 15, 1945, in Faridpur, Bangladesh in a renowned Muslim family. His father Shamsher Ali Molla was a first-class officer of British Indian government. Moosa was a tremendous brilliant student from early life who showed unmatchable intellect during college life at Faridpur Rajendra College. Prince Mossa studied at California State University and received a Ph.D. in economics from this university.

Personal Life

Moosa Bin Shamsher married Kaniz Fatema Chowdhury and they have talented three children. First one, Nancy Jahara Binte Moosa studied at the University of Texas and completed graduation. Then she received an MBA degree from the State University of Texas. Nancy Jahara Binte Moosa married the famous political leader of Bangladesh Sheikh Selim’s son Sheikh Fazle Fahim, a well-known businessman.

Prince Mossa Business Career

Moosa Bin Shamsher started a career journey at a very young age. Moosa is the business tycoon of Bangladesh who established DATCO, manpower exporting company at first, after the Liberation War. He is the icon of manpower exporting business of Bangladesh but later, he devoted himself to weapons business that makes him a billionaire. From the international arms business, he made more than $10 by selling tanks, fighter planes and other various kinds of arms.

The famous magazine of London Sunday Telegraph published a report on Moosa Bin Shamsher titled ‘Man with the Golden Guns’ in 1998. He is best known as Prince Moosa in the western world for his outstanding fashion and high-quality desperateness. Prince Mossa again becomes highlighted when the allegation arouses against Moosa that he 7 billion dollars stashed away at Swiss Bank.

Moosa Pen Watch Ring and Dress

Moosa Bin Shamsher is best discussed for a luxurious pen by which he signs. This pen is made of 24 carats golden in cost $10 million. There are 75000 diamond pieces in this pen and the making company only makes the single pen for him, there is no other version of this pen in the world. The precious pen is stored in the bolt of the Swiss Bank with doest guard. In need, the pen is taken to a certain place and brought back again with the highest protection.

Prince Moosa uses a watch of Rolex, a famous watchmaking company. The watch is made in cost $5 million and over the 27 months. Moosa uses a ring worth $1million. He uses various world-class suits that price is 5-6 thousand pounds. Moosa is never seen in the same suit twice.

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